Sunday, November 18, 2012

Strolling Pontocho in Kyoto

Jacket: TSE 
Sweater: Vince 
Shorts: IBD 
Boots: Nine West 
Bag: Celine

The first night we arrived Kyoto for a Thanksgiving vacation, we went to our favorite Pontocho area in the center of Gion, a place mixes old and new, mystery and excitement.   Only in Gion, elegant Geisha and punk teenager can co-exist so peacefully and naturally.  Pontocho is an alley along the east side of Takase-gawa River features intimate family-run restaurants offer heavenly Kyoto cuisine for generations.  Many restaurants don't have menu.  Chef decides what to make based on what are in season, something I am especially attracted to.  Mid November gets a bit chilly at night.  The chunky Vince sweater keeps me warm without compromising the style.  Tomorrow, my little family will explore some shrines around the area.  I can't wait to see the red autumn leaves around the mountains Kyoto is so famous for.  Cheers! 

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