Friday, November 23, 2012

Geisha girl

It is hard to tell who is who with this type of theatrical make up, but yes it is me, all made up as a Geisha girl, more specifically, Maiko, a newly graduated Geisha trainee.  My husband, who is originally from Kyoto, insisted I should at least have one Geisha experience.  So here I am, after spending more than 1 hour makeup and hair session by a professional Geisha studio and being put on a real Kimono with more than a dozen layer in Gion.  Even though the Kimono was real heavy and tight,  surprisingly I was quite comfortable after I started walking.  While walking outside of the studio to take photos, many locals and tourists took photos of me, assuming I am a real Maiko.  I am not sure if I enjoyed the attention as much as my husband and my son did.  But it was a real treat to go through this entire experience, wear a gorgeous Kimono and took time to appreciate this fascinating culture.

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