Friday, November 30, 2012

Feeling Orange

Trench Coat: Marc Jacobs
T Shirt: Zara 
Pants with leather panel: Helmut Lang 
Bootie: Steve Madden
Bag: Celine 

The breathtaking reddish and orange colors of the maple trees are the reason people around the world visit Kyoto at this time of the year.   I knew I had to bring this orange trench coat with me before the trip.  It blends in the green and maple tree backdrop just so perfectly. 

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Craving for Gold

Being on the road in Japan doesn't stop me from Internet shopping, not to mention it is in the midst of after Thanksgiving sales season.  Came across this cute Haute Hippie romper on sale, but ran out of my size.  Bummer...... Would have been a perfect outfit for a night in the town, pairing with mile high pump and a killer clutch.  Will have to keep my eyes open for an opportunity to get this one somewhere.  Happy shopping!     

Friday, November 23, 2012

Geisha girl

It is hard to tell who is who with this type of theatrical make up, but yes it is me, all made up as a Geisha girl, more specifically, Maiko, a newly graduated Geisha trainee.  My husband, who is originally from Kyoto, insisted I should at least have one Geisha experience.  So here I am, after spending more than 1 hour makeup and hair session by a professional Geisha studio and being put on a real Kimono with more than a dozen layer in Gion.  Even though the Kimono was real heavy and tight,  surprisingly I was quite comfortable after I started walking.  While walking outside of the studio to take photos, many locals and tourists took photos of me, assuming I am a real Maiko.  I am not sure if I enjoyed the attention as much as my husband and my son did.  But it was a real treat to go through this entire experience, wear a gorgeous Kimono and took time to appreciate this fascinating culture.

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Casual hiking gear

Tee: Lauren Moshi 
Scarf: Gucci 
Shorts: LBD
Bootie: Steve Madden Fraankie 
Bag: Celine Bittersweat
Bangle: Hermes

Who says hiking can't be fashionable?  This is my very casual and simple ensemble for a day in the mountain and temples in Kyoto.  The studded Fraankie bottie is amazingly comfortable.  No foot fatigue after walking almost non stop whole day in the woods and climbing up stairs in the mountain.  Even though quite a few studs went missing after the day, it becomes part of the rugged look.  The somewhat rock and roll look of the boots really gives a simple plain look an edge.  Kyoto is amazingly beautiful in this maple season.  More photos to come.  Meanwhile, happy Thanksgiving! 

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Strolling Pontocho in Kyoto

Jacket: TSE 
Sweater: Vince 
Shorts: IBD 
Boots: Nine West 
Bag: Celine

The first night we arrived Kyoto for a Thanksgiving vacation, we went to our favorite Pontocho area in the center of Gion, a place mixes old and new, mystery and excitement.   Only in Gion, elegant Geisha and punk teenager can co-exist so peacefully and naturally.  Pontocho is an alley along the east side of Takase-gawa River features intimate family-run restaurants offer heavenly Kyoto cuisine for generations.  Many restaurants don't have menu.  Chef decides what to make based on what are in season, something I am especially attracted to.  Mid November gets a bit chilly at night.  The chunky Vince sweater keeps me warm without compromising the style.  Tomorrow, my little family will explore some shrines around the area.  I can't wait to see the red autumn leaves around the mountains Kyoto is so famous for.  Cheers! 

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Winter is here

Grey coat: TSE 
Vegan "leather" pants: Custom Works 
Shirt: Storets 
Shoes: Stuart Weitzman 
Tote bag: Givenchy

Finally, flip flops and tank tops are stored away.  Winter comes late in California, but it is here now.  Compare to people in the east coast, we are in heaven.  My heart goes out to those whose life is still adversely affected by hurricane Sandy and new wave of storm. 

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Memory of Summer

Dress and belt: Gucci
Shoes: Valentino
Bag: Balenciaga
Sunglasses: Chanel  

Some forgotten pictures from the summer in San Francisco.  I can't believe it is November and the end of the year already.   The work has been busy.  But our family is going to take a Thanksgiving holiday vacation trip to Japan in 2 weeks.  Can't wait for some downtime in Japan!